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Covid-19 Warriors' Day Online Competition

An Online Covid-19 Warriors’ Day competition was organized by Holy Cross Educational Foundation, the Competition was divided into four 6 groups with separate theme for each group, the theme for group 1 was “Covid-19 Warriors”(Color poster), group 2 was “India of my dream”(Color poster), group 3 was learning during COvid-19(Essay), group 4 was “your response to covid-19”(Elocution), group 5 was “Post covid-19 world”(Poetry), group 6 was “Life during Covid-19 pandemic”(Singing).

The winners were gifted with electronic gadgets as the prizes will benefit them for their convenience in attending the online classes.

The Competition was organized in order to make the students more aware of the current situation and to make them appreciate the hard work of the covid-19 front line workers who were working tirelessly their best for the safety of all the people by putting their life at risk.

The Competition received positive response and feedbacks from all the schools and it had a positive impact on the students as the students while participating in the competition had to read and go through in details about the Covid-19 front line workers and thus their knowledge and respect for the front line workers increased tremendously.