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Holy Cross Educational Foundation Responds to the Second Wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Holy Cross School Panisagar a unit of Holy Cross Educational Foundation, Looking at the situation around its Centre due to the curfew and lock down, the unit thought of doing  something to alleviate the sufferings of the people. So, the idea of reaching out to people with some food packet arose like the previous year. The Unit reached out to the needy with '600 Covid Relief Kit' containing dry rations. This was the unit small gesture of love. The unit took it as a duty to a fellow  human being to extend its helping hand at this critical time. 

The unit also opened few 'Holy Cross Corona Care Centre's in and around Panisagar town as per the guidance of Mrs. Nemi Darlong, SDM Panisagar, to create awareness among the public on the need of wearing Mask, using sanitizers, washing hands and keeping physical distance.  

A widow's offering. Though we know that it is a drop in the ocean, we are aware also that the ocean will be less without that drop.