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Re-opening of the School Post Lockdown

The most significant aspect of continued unlocking of public activity during the COVID-19 pandemic is the decision of many States to reopen schools. While some states have allowed pupils back on campus from November 2020, Schools in Tripura reopened for the students of 10th and 12th standards in the month of December after remaining closed for months amid Covid-19 pandemic.


Attendance at schools remains voluntary as per the Centre’s guidelines, it also specify that parents can decide what their wards should do. Reopening of schools became essential for class 10th and 12th students ahead of their board exams.


Holy Cross Educational Foundation instructed all its unit to re-open the School and resume regular classes for Class 9, 10, and 12 following a set of restrictions and guidelines, including installation of hand washing facilities or sanitization facilities, thermal scanning on arrival, social distancing and use of masks, mandatorily inside the school premises. The students were also allowed to attend the class only after getting a written consent letter from their parents to attend classes. The Units have also taken additional measures to reduce the student load and to maintain physical distance in classrooms by arranging odd-even and boys-girls alternate day to attend the classes.



Gradually the government gave the permission to start the regular classes for the rest of the students in primary standards, All Holy Cross Educational Foundation units as instructed kept a basin for washing hands and a poster of Covid-19 guidelines at the Entrance of the School gate and inside the campus for the students to follow.